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  • Why certain online sellers offer different prices?

    1. Most online sellers are from overseas. Products ships from overseas will be subjected up to high import tax upon arrival at KLIA custom clearance. This additional cost has to be paid by buyer in order to be released.


    2. Overseas online sellers do not offer product refund if the product is not compatible with your existing door profile.


    3. Overseas online sellers may appoint local installers but they are not trained or authorised by official Samsung Smartlock division.


    4. Warranty and after-sales service in case of malfunction will not be supported by official Samsung Smartlock Malaysia.

  • Why certain models are not offered here?

    Online grey importers may sell similar looking models but with different model codes. These models and versions are not supported by us because the specifications are designed for use in other countries which does not meet our door specifications.

  • Are all online sellers offer similar warranty?

    No, grey importers warranty is not valid here. Our official warranty comes with a warranty card with a unique traceable serial number (SN)

  • Can all existing lock be replaced?

    Not all of existing lockset can be replaced. It depends on many factors such door material, thickness, existing lock profile's width, height and pre-drilled holes at the door existing lockset.

  • What happen if after I purchased it could not fit my door?

    Any models bought from us can be returned and fully refunded if it cannot fit on the installation day.

  • What types of door materials are compatible?

    Solid wood, laminated and fire-rated doors. Glass, plywood, metal and security doors are not compatible.

  • Do I need to make electrical wiring?

    No. These locks operate only on batteries, so you do not need any external wiring.

  • What type of batteries do i need?

    All of these locks use normal battery type i.e Energizer or Panasonic 'AA' size.  Replacing the batteries only take a few seconds.

  • How long do the batteries last?

    They normally lasts for 1 year (12 months) if use on average of 10 times per day.

  • Is there battery weak indicator?

    Definitely. It will give alarm (melody) sound of about 7 days during unlocking process.

  • What if the batteries become totally flat?

    If its totally flat, you can still enter by 'jump start' the system from outside using a 9V (square) battery. Then enter your password to go in and immediately change the battery.


    Alternatively you can also enter using the provided normal keys. Each unit (mortise series) comes with 5 sets of backup keys.

  • Will all memory be deleted if the battery is flat?

    No. These info will still be retained by the internal system

  • Can lost or missing cards access be deleted?

    Yes. It can be easily deleted using your master PIN-code.

  • Can I reset all the system memory?

    Yes. A reset restores original factory settings. Refer your manual on how to reset.

  • What type of card does the system use?

    RF chip (RFID) Milfare Type A, 13.56Mhz. Certain type of staff, office or condo access card can be programmed.

  • Is there a built-in alarm system?

    Yes. All units come with built-in alarm in case someone tried to break open or make a forced entry.

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